Driving with Fitline

I love to drive, I have always found it to be soothing and relaxing and a chance for me to destress. Yes, even while driving on the congested roads of New Jersey. Unfortunately, with age, driving has become harder and less enjoyable. at times, even a bit stressful. Between fatigue and fighting off the glare at night, my drive time had been cut down significantly.

Fortunately, using a mixture of all-natural products has helped regain my love for driving and has significantly extended the amount of time I am able to drive.

If you are struggling with your energy levels, relying on coffee or energy drinks to keep you awake and aware, or even struggling with your vision at night, these products might work for you too.

I am a high school teacher. However, in the summers I will drive for Uber and Lyft. It frees up my time and it's not as demanding as summer school. Uber and Lyft pays about the same as my school district in my market. Unfortunately, in the last few years I noticed that it has become increasingly more difficult to drive at night. The glare from the on-coming cars was becoming worse and worse. Since I wear glasses, the glare is even worse. I found myself complaining about the situation quite often. I was looking for a solution and getting a little frustrated that nothing seemed to help. Most places just said that it comes with age or they would blame it on the strong headlights that cars are currently using. I tried buying glasses made for night driving and they helped a little, however, they were not as comfortable. I started avoiding driving at night, not just for Uber and Lyft, but all-together

I was introduced to the Fitline products by my wife, Lilian, and they have helped me tremendously. I did not start taking Fitline for driving. I needed more energy in order to complete an incredibly important task at my job as a test coordinator. The combination of PowerCocktail and Generation 50+ immediately helped me with my energy, focus, and concentration. However, within just a few weeks of taking the supplements, I noticed that I was no longer complaining about the glare at night. It had slowly improved to the point where I was able to once again drive at night without wearing my anti-glare glasses. It was a totally unexpected consequence but an incredibly welcomed one.

Another major issue with driving is that we do not get much physical movement. Constantly sitting without moving so much does not promote a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, many drivers tend to stop and eat at less than ideal fast food establishments. To make matters worse, many drivers do not have ample health insurance. Unfortunately, all these negative factors are way too often the nature of the beast.

Fortunately, Fitline products can help with all of these issues.

Yet another major issues that many drivers face is their energy level. During the Holiday break we decided to drive down from New Jersey to Miami. While I made sure to pack up my coffee, Lilian prepared some Activize for me. Though I drove 12-14 hours a day, I did not take a sip of coffee. The all-natural energy from the Activize was enough to get me through the long drive without an issue. Even with minimal sleep, I was able to drive the entire day without issue.

I love coffee, however, Activize has managed to dramatically cut down my use of coffee. More notably, I am not putting all that extra sugar into my body. I should also add that Fitline has also drastically cut down on my snacking.

Yet another issue that affects drivers is the long hours that we put in on the road. One bad night of sleep and we are just not as sharp at night. A lot of us depend on coffee and other sugary energy drinks to get us through the shift.

PMInternational and Fitline offer many products, but the Optimal set featuring PowerCocktail and Restorate is what is highly recommended for most individuals. Additionally, if you are suffering with your vision at night, I would recommend adding Generation 50+ to your Powercocktail. PowerCocktails has all the nutrients and vitamins that you need in order to get going in the morning. Generation 50+ helps with your concentration, helps with brain fog, and improves your focus, memory, and in my case vision at night. Finally, Restorate helps us get the best sleep possible at night, without waking up groggy. The combination of these products provide our bodies with the premium fuel that our bodies need to keep going strong.