Why I joined

Joining PM-International was the last thing on my mind. A year ago, I had no desire nor need to join any company at all. I have been a teacher in NJ for 22 years and I am not a salesman by any means. Nor do I want to be one. That still stands.

I've owned this Website for over 20 years.

However, as a teacher, I do have the desire to help people. I want to lead people in the right direction. I want to improve their lives. Though I do not like selling, there were certain aspects of Fitline that made me want to introduce them to other people.

Introduction To Fitline

I was introduced to Fitline products by Lilian, my wife. She had started taking the Fitline products about a year back. She had also joined PM-International and was incredibly active and excited about the products and her business.

First off, I noticed what the Fitline products were doing for me. I was losing weight, I felt better. I was eating less and doing more. I gave up coffee. I wasn't snacking. I had the energy to not just get through my day, but also join a gym and work out a lot more than I did before. All without heart palpitations, jitters, and energy crashes.

Find out how I increased my energy with Fitline here.

Most impressively, I had noticed that there was a decline in my ability to focus and concentrate. I was experiencing brain fog and I knew that I was not as sharp as I was in my 20's and early 30's. Once I started taking the mix of PowerCocktail and Generation 50+ I immediately felt like the clock had turned backwards and I felt like the old me had returned. Fitline products were life-changing for me. I definitely wanted to share my experiences with others.

Experience Results

Along with my results, I had seen the results that Fitline had on my wife and some of her clients. They were definitely making a difference not only in my life, but in the life of others. Since Lilian was already part of the PM-International family, I would listen in to her meetings. The more testimonials that I heard, the more I started to believe in the products and in PM-International. While the business success stories were great, I was more attracted to the way that some people had completely transformed their lives and improved their quality of life with the Fitline products.

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I was also making more money, not with PM-International itself, but because I had the energy to work those after school activities. I was able to take on more hours at the school. Incredibly, I still had enough energy to work out and join a gym once I was done with my long day at work.

Saving money

I found myself using many of the Fitline products. I was consuming PowerCocktail, Generation 50+, Activize, Antioxy, C-Balance, Restorate, and other Fitline products. I figured that by joining PM-International I could help my wife with the products and I saw it as an opportunity to get a discount on all the products that we were consuming. Besides, I saw that my wife had already developed an impressive team and was seeing some success with PM-International. However, since I was now consuming various Fitline products myself, I saw it as a way to not only help Lilian, but to also help support my new healthy habits.

I knew I had to improve my health in order to be successful. Fitline was giving me all this healthy energy, the question was, what was I going to do with it.

Making Money

Making money was not my main motivation. I already have a solid career and, though I am always looking for other sources of income, I tried to stay away from selling any products. I am just not a salesperson. However, after a trip to Miami where Lilian paid for an 8 day hotel stay at a Hyatt with her income from PM-International, I started asking her questions about the business. She was consistently making more money month after month. She was not just making enough to cover all the products we were both taking, she was also making a profit. Working in child-care, she decided to cut down on her days taking care of kids to focus on her business. While she still works, month after month she gets closer to her goals of totally replacing her income. Plus she has experienced an abundance of personal growth. In a short time, she has become an expert in zoom, and has created a multi-lingual team with international clients.

This month after month growth that Lilian is experiencing, is similar to the growth that PM-International is showing. Year after year PM-International has proven to be a company capable of incredible growth. It has won the Bravo award for fastest growing MLM company 2 years in a row. It is currently ranked 9th out of 22,000 companies world wide. While many MLM companies have huge followings in the United States, very few people know about PM-International and Fitline products. There is a definite opportunity for exponential growth. I saw the opportunity to become one of the first distributers, not just on my block, in my neighborhood, or in my city, but in my entire tristate area. And when you live across the river from Manhattan that is a major statement. It was simply an opportunity that was hard to pass. I have the chance to not just promote a product that can greatly improve someone's health, but also improve my financial standing as well. I am not claiming that it is easy, but the opportunity is certainly there and definitely achievable. All I need to do is look right next to me and I can see just how fast a person and a team can grow.

Fair and transparent compensation

Another plus is that PM-International offers a fair and transparent compensation program. There are no monthly or yearly fees. The company provides you with the Website, links, training, and materials that you need at no extra cost.

An Easy concept

Along with helping others, there were two key factors that led me to push my business a little more. One, I was impressed with just how many professional athletes were using Fitline products oversees. Two, I saw just how few team members there were in the United States. No one I knew had heard of Fitline and PM-International and there was so much room for growth. Here is a product that works, that is incredibly popular oversees, and it's still relatively unknown in the United States and in many parts of the Americas.

Learn how Fitline's exclusive NTC (Nutrient Transport Concept) works by watching this video.

Add to that just how simple it is to do the work. All you have to do is tell people how it has helped you and let them try it. That's it, you do not have to make any promises. You do not have to know all the technicalities. Just send people your links with the information that they may be looking for and thats it. It's simple and successful. Most people experience results. Most people want to improve their health. Most people want to improve their quality of life.
Plus there are no yearly fees, no obligation to sell, no pressure from the company. PM-International gives you all the resources that you need. You put in what you want when you want. Most of us are team partners because we love the products. We just simply sell when we get the opportunity not because we have to, but because we want to.

What makes Fitline Different?

So what makes PM-International and its Fitline products different than other supplements? First of all, the patented NTC (Nutritional Transport Concept) delivers the vitamins where you need it when you need it. Your body absorbs more of the nutrients and gets more benefits. As a result, Fitline can do more with less. Also, many people will feel the difference within a few days. You do not have to wonder if the products are working, you can feel them working.

How is this possible? PM-International formed partnerships with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Wels, Austria. Fitline products have the Scientific research to back up its claims.

Tackling misconceptions

The one big negative was that I saw this as a multi-level marketing company. In the United States this business model has a negative reputation in many circles. I have always stayed away from these businesses. Especially since I had family members, close friends, and former students that had horrible experiences and left the business.

I spoke to various people about their experiences. They cited pressure, fees, and false promises as reasons why they left. I then looked at Lilian, and I didn't see any of these factors. There were no fees or mandatory trainings. She was excited about what she was doing. Her team members were providing her with support, but not pressure. When they had their meetings, they would never pressure their potential customers. It was all about sharing their personal experiences. They would obviously present on the business, however, they would never place potential customers in uncomfortable situations. The customers just had to listen.

Plus, PM-International offered a money back guarantee on all of their products. They definitely stood behind their products. They were very quick to respond to questions and inquiries and were always willing to help.

The biggest factor that convinced me to join was that even though I could picture myself leaving the business, I could not picture myself not taking Fitline. Furthermore, I didn't have any pressure to sell, I could just introduce the products to people at my pace. Most of the people that take Fitline love the products and would recommend them to others, this is just a way for the company to compensate you for your recommendations. I would never push this business on anyone that doesn't love the Fitline products. However, If you try Fitline, experience results, then I would definitely recommend becoming a team partner. Imagine a company that depends on your personal results to be successful. That is PM-International, it's simple and successful.

Also, with nearly 30 years in business, PM-International is not just a new start-up. PM-International is currently listed 9th out of the top 100 MLM Companies by Direct Selling News. It also received the Bravo award for being the fastest growing company 2 years in a row. PM-International is a well established company with solid financials and a strong following around the world. It was just starting to make a dent in the American market.

I am still new, I am not trying to get rich, I am just trying to get fit. Fitline products work and my main motivation right now is to improve my physical health, my financial health is still an afterthought. This is not about getting rich quick, this is about getting fit as quick as I can. However, PM-International does offer you the ability to not only improve your health, but also make some money on the side.

Finally, I knew I had the backing of Lilian and her amazing team. I saw Lilian improving month after month both physically and financially. I got to know many of her team members, and I found them to be genuine and dynamic. Plus, I saw that she had amazing support from her knowledgeable and inspiring sponsor, Benedetta. They were all incredibly active in the business and getting their names out there on a national and international level. I knew I was not going in alone, I had a great team that I could depend on for help.

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We are looking for individuals that would like to change their lives and the lives of others. Hopefully, you have already tried our Fitline products and have experienced the incredible results. If you haven't please feel free to order and try them risk free.

If you love Fitline as much as we do, and find yourself recommending it to your friends and family, then you are already in the business. Please consider joining our team and reaping all the rewards that come with spreading health and nourishment in your community.

Our team will provide you with the help and assistance that you need with none of the pressure. You go at your own pace and build at your own pace. No matter how slow or how fast you want to grow, we will be there for you.

if you have any questions, please email me at rafael@teachertravels.net

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